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The M.A.C. Future Forward Collection Features Collaborations With Three Badass Singers

MAC Cosmetics Wholesale When we look at the wines, plums and ocher tones used in the style of the Paris Dior show, we know that the fall make-up will become dramatic. But now things are more intense than we thought: black lipstick, ink lined, opaque paint and gemstone eye shadow are part of M.A.C.'s new Style Black series. Admittedly, they are not for the weak heart. We gave the color of the black lips, in the work to mess with our friends. Lessons learned: Colors apply to dark skin, but if you are fair, we recommend avoiding serious black lipstick. For all skin tones, the lining is ideal for making the darkest eyes, the black shadows of carbon black produce an amount of flash, nail polish creates a gorgeous, glassy finish. We love the baby Gothic girl, the mixture of black and pink decadent.

It seems that every day there is a new collection, but M.A.C. future forward seems to be one of the best brands in the brand. That is because M.A.C. with three villain singer (and some Allure editorial collection), R & B singer Justine Skye, British baby Dua Lipa and K-pop star Lee Hi cooperation. With the trio, it launched a small three-piece series. Yes, sadly there are only three, but they are really perfect with every artist.

For example, Justine Skye is about the unicorn, its long purple hair and flickering make-up. Her product is pink pink soft purple pink ($ 27). The packaging is bold and sparkling, just like the singer himself. If you do not follow her on Instagram, it's time now. I often double-click her stylish 90s style makeup and various hair changes in the photo. In addition, her Insta name is "purple unicorn", then this perfect degree?

Like Skye, Dua Lipa is all about the atmosphere of the 1990s, one is Kate Moss and a Drew Barrymore. She is a girl after her makeup, because she may be bold eyebrows and naked lips become very natural, or super glittering golden cover. In full sense, her product is Cremesheen Glass ($ 21), clear lip gloss and subtle pearl / sparkling luster.

Finally, there are Lee Hi, its doll-like function with cat Cheap MAC Makeup eyeliner and classic red lips incredible. So of course she helped M.A.C. made lipstick in dark red matte ($ 18). The packaging is bubble gum pink and girl, just like hello.